Mangkunegaran Performing Art

Solo- The Government through the Office of Surakarta City Tourism Arts and Culture will hold "Mangkunegaran Performing Art" at 4 to 5 July 2009 in the Puro Pendopo Mangkunegaran, Solo, Central Java.

"At this event will be held a number of shows about cultural traditions in the Puro Mangkunegaran," said the Head Office of Tourism Arts and Culture City of Surakarta, Purnomo Subagio in Solo, on Thursday.

He said, this activity was conducted as an effort to preserve Puro Mangkunegaran which is a source of cultural wealth that is in the Solo.

Conservation should be done, because Mangkunegaran Puro is also one of the Javanese culture has a strong influence on the community.

"Not only is the Solo, but also on the community around Solo," he said.

In addition, he said, "Mangkunegaran Performing Art" also aims to introduce cultural tradition Mangkunegaran to the community and promoting the city of Solo as a tourist.

About the activities that use the name of the English language, he says, things are done for the purposes of a campaign event.

"Promotions that we do not only on the local community, but also the foreign tourists," he said.

In addition to the socialization of the local community, he said, his side also has given the invitation to the hotels in the Solo and Yogyakarta to drive foreign tourists attend this event.

Meanwhile, Pengageng Sanggar Dancing Suryosumirat, GPH Herwastokusumo said, "Mangkunegaran Performing Art" will display a number of typical Mangkunegaran dance, drama and dance (ballet), and the puppet Purwo clothing worn by the normal range Mangkunegaran palace.

"The show dance would rather special in this event since it is the first performance the general public," he said. (*)

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